PV Support Structure

MEVACO, with extended experience on steel construction, manufactures and delivers PV support structures. To date, many configurations have been delivered at various tilt angles and configurations worldwide, counting more than 1000MWp (1GWp). To name a few, 2~3 x portrait, 3~4 x landscape, thin film, modules accommodation through clamps, bolts and insert system, double/single post, to site from 0% ground slope up to 45% (non-conventional design) and up to 30% with conventional design, to ground conditions of clay, sand, gravels, silt, mixed, organic, surface or shallow bedrock, weather bedrock, clay with boulders and others, applying direct ramming piles, predrilling and ramming, predrilling and encasing, cast concrete piles, concrete grout anchors, for drilling with wagondrill, Down The Hole Hammers, top hammers, rock and clay

augers, on drill rigs and with handheld equipment. Each case is individually examined. Snow load, wind, earthquake and thermal variations are considered as per national norm and Eurocode for the specific location, exposure and altitude. Reduced wind load is considered for inner shelter rows using dedicated assessment from independent laboratory. Most of the girders have a length of approximately 8~10m, they are straight while the joint allows for the necessary misalignment for a full terrain installation. Note that there is no PV module above the joints, accommodating the modules with bolts on the straight girders. Almost all parts are made from Magnelis ZM 310 S350 from steel mills of Arcelor Mittal in Europe providing outstanding corrosion resistance and durability. All parts are manufactured in our premises in Athens. Warranty is provided for 25 years. Strict quality plan is applied, and we always seek for client inspections of goods in our premises. Materials certificates (i.e. steel coils certificates) will be provided upon reception during production.

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