Environmental Management


MEVACO S.A., recognizing the need for continuous improvement of environmental performance based on the principles of sustainable development and in compliance with legislation and international standards, aims at a balanced economic development in harmony with nature.

Following a path of sustainable development, commits to conducting its activities in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of employees, the local community and the public. The environmental policy of the company is the company's statement of commitment to the observance of the principles of sustainable development.

MEVACO S.A. follows the requirements of an Environmental Management System in accordance with the principles of the Standard ISO 14001.

The Company's policy to ensure the Environmental Protection is based on the following principles:

Takes measures to protect the environment in compliance with environmental legislation and environmental conditions imposed by the authorities.

Implements an Environmental Management System to all the activities of the production process.

Specifies Objectives and Targets for Environmental Interventions.

Evaluates and improves the overall environmental performance, with the set up and implementation of time scheduled tasks to achieve specific environmental objectives and targets.

Adopts specific environmental controls in the production process.

Improves overall environmental performance, particularly in issues of preventing the environmental pollution and mitigating the emergency risks.

Implements lifelong learning (including in-company training) and updating for the employees, in environmental issues.

It promotes the open dialogue and the information of the public with loyalty and mutual respect.

Spreads the concept of ecological sensitivity and environmental vision, which inspires the high management of the company, to the entire organization structure of the company.