Sheet metal fabrications

Mevaco is a leading company in the field of sheet metal fabrication (cutting, drilling, forming, welding, painting).

Among the variety of materials processed are stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, copper and its alloys as well as composites such as acrylic and polycarbonates.

Aside from single sheet metal parts, Mevaco fabricates intricate sheet metal assemblies for a wide range of applications, such as Photovoltaic PV installation support systems, components for household appliances such as fridges, cookers, washing machines, etc.

In addition, we fabricate components for professional heavy duty refrigerators ICM coolers and fridges, components or complete housing assemblies for electronic and electrical applications such as boards, racks, transformers, cable supports, stroke absorbents, antispike, armored doors for domestic use.

Mevaco also fabricates heating industry components such as boilers, covers, control panels, components for steel boilers, supports for panels, components for solar heaters, boiler cups, support for boilers, collectors supports, etc.

Finally, advertising and product promotion structures such as illuminated boards, stands for products, promotional stands, signs, shelves, etc.