Management & Organization Chart

The Board of directors of MEVACO SA is the guardian of the Principles of Corporate Governance. (CGC)

The seventh-member Board of Directors of the Company consists of:
1) Dimitrios A. Kostopoulos , President , Executive member

2) Spiridon N. Delendas , Vice President , CEO , Executive member

3) Antonios A. Roussos , Executive member

4) Vasiliki D. Kostopoulou , non Executive member

5) Ioannis Em. Broutzos , non Executive member

6) Gratsia N. Maria , Independent non Executive member

7) Panagiotis K. Troumpounis , non Executive member

8) Georgios K. Vaggelas  , Independent non Executive member

9) Ioulia S. Karvouni , Independent non Executive member

 The incumbency of the Board of Directors is five years, to be prolonged until the occurrence of the Annual Shareholders General Meeting following its expiry, which may not exceed six years, i.e. until 8 June 2022.

Organization Chart (PDF)

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