Defense product department

The Defense product department is considered an upmost specialized unit dealing with products which require both strict specifications and quality standards (Military standards). Fabrication of parts requiring joining and painting demand the application of special process control.

The defense product department has undertaken extremely demanding projects and has carried them out successfully. Of upmost importance is the control of a spacious and safe working environment which assures the successful completion of highly intricate parts and assemblies. Some of the qualifications granted to Mevaco for the execution of defense related products are the following:

1.     Qualification for Fusion Welding per AWS D17.1 & WS33739 & AWS D1.2 & WS33739 Appx.2 Raytheon company, USA, approved source of supply

2.     Qualification for Spot Welding approval according to AWS D17.2, Raytheon company, USA, approved source of supply

3.     Qualification for Penetrant Inspection approval according to ASTM-E-1417, Type I, method C, Raytheon company, USA, approved source of supply.

4.     Qualification for Magnetic Particle Inspection approval according to STM-E-1444, Raytheon company, USA, approved source of supply.

In addition the following standards are currently in effect:

·       EN ISO 9001:2008

·       ISO 3834-2:2005

Finally, our company has been subjected in quality control inspections and verifications by our clients and third parties as following:

·       Company's ANSALDO approval as its subcontractor

·       Verification by third party for the construction of PV installation support structures on behalf of Light Source UK, major PV provider and EPC for UK.

 Needless to say that for the necessity of quality inspection of such constructions the department has equipped its metrotechnical laboratory with state of the art inspection and measurement equipment, as well as welding control equipment for NDT quality control of weldings under the guidance of experienced welding engineers.

Our company's defense constructions are mainly export focused.